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There are days that when I get up, I am just a bit anxious about life and I have a hard time settling down into our normal pattern for the day. Some times I just need to take a walk to pick some flowers from the garden.   A few moments alone to gather my thoughts and ask the Lord for a little extra love and patience to help me through the day, and then I’m ready to live the rest of the day.



Luke’s new way of eating has been a bit hard. I decided it is a good thing that I love to bake, and a bad thing. The bad part is I am currently restricted from baking fresh breads, the good part is that as we try to find foods he can eat AND like, well, I am already used to spending time in the kitchen… We tried buckwheat pancakes yesterday. We didn’t like them one bit, not at all. But today, at my second attempt with apple muffins. Luke called them “the muffin miracle”. Hopefully today more of the gluten-free products I ordered will come in and I can make us some homemade pizza. I am really craving some pizza.