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Menu planning

Our menu for the week(s).

Jan. 11-16

Mon. evening – general tso’s chicken

Tuesday evening – tacos

Wednesday evening – home made pizza

Thursday evening – roast for french dips (with swiss cheese)

Friday evening – sandwiches

*one day for Hannah’s lunch I made vermicelli. The rest of the menu includes left overs and or pancakes. Breakfast burritos for some of the mornings.

January 18th-23nd

Monday – lunch – chicken wraps (a favorite for Hannah’s lunches for later in the week).

-supper – general tso’s chicken

Tuesday – homemade chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, new bread recipe for whole wheat sandwich from “5 minutes a day to Artisian bread”.

Wednesday – stromboli and salads

Thursday evening – taco soup

Friday evening – possible date night? if so sandwiches… Date night with the Skippers! Uncle Michael took the kids for pizza. We had pizza and the best salads at spin!

Saturday lunch – fetachini alfredo and spaghetti with homemade bread.

-supper – leftovers from week and lunch today.

Dessert – French yogurt cake from “A Homemade Life” by Molly Wizenberg

Jan. 24-30

Sunday supper – corn dogs and homemade mac and cheese. (I know-so unhealthy, but they all love it.)

Monday supper – chinese

Tuesday supper – taco night

Wednesday supper- homemade pizza

Thursday supper – (art class-so needs to be ready before hand…- still deciding)

Friday supper –