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Random photos.

Please scroll down a bit to see some of the newer ones. Thanks.Even though our home is loud and busy until bedtime-everyday,it still amazes me that we have enough kids to fill up a swing set.

As you can see, our kids love Uncle Michael and a ride on the four-wheeler.Everytime he pulls it out, they race to get to see who gets to ride first.On a side note, our kids have great Uncles and Aunts. They adore them all.We are blessed with our families. Truely blessed.

Isn’t she pretty?

I catch Liz playing with her bellybutton quite a bit lately. 🙂Liz loves our water puddle. If she see there is water in it. She is there.

I took these the day we celebrated the boys birthdays.Just shots out on their land.

Liz doesn’t like to take her snow boots off.She even sleeps in them at nap time. [grin]