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Hannah’s Zoo!

olivia.jpg  SOO,OOOO C.U.T.E. !!!!!!!!!!This is Olivia, Olivia is one of our three replacemeants .We had 16 chicks 4 died so we got three more, Owly (Owl-ie ),  Liah and Olivia. They all are adorable but Liah and Olivia  are more friendly than Owly (I think).  white_rock.jpg        Spring times here! This is one of  Luke’s chicks ( I think) “Anny” Is her name. She’s a darling, Isn’t she?I love this picture.   Anny is supposed to be third biggest yellow chick. The chicks like the song,”Hush, Little Baby”,  (thats a tip and a fact). martha_2.jpg This is Martha, (she thinks the feeder is her perch,  silly CHICKEN).   Mom  (Regi) named  Martha from the book I wrote called,”The Chicken that wanted a Friend”. Martha is a  barred rock  instead of a  white rock,  but it fits her  attitude a lot. Sometimes Martha can be funny to watch!!!! I love Martha.  Martha is beautiful, don’t you think?lukaslogan.jpg These are my friends Lukas and Logan Seagreen they have a huge farm. But I like it .this is a older picture but not that old.   Lukas and Logan,Mr.Chris and Mrs. Suzanne are cool!  They are amazing and a strong family.lilo.jpg COOOOOL!This is Elizabeth(or liz) and Logan, feeding some  bottlebabys. We were at the  Segreen Farm, at the time the “KIDs” were being born!( Logan is the big one.)  I looove that “kid!”  THANKS!!!!! isaiahtea.jpg   Tea with Isaiah!!!This is Isaiah Casner, My cousin He is having tea with Lizzy and Alli. I setup the table for them.  I think Isaiah is very  happy!!Yah!!!! cutie.jpg  This is one of the Seagreen’s kids,  I like the smily face, don’t you?He or she is adorable!  The mom had this one and another one . IT IS C.U.T.E!!!!!!!!!!!!!jo.jpg   Sad&GOOD.   this is  Jeremiah and #1 Owly , this Owly was one of the four chicks that died. He was a good chick. (thats the sad news). Jeremiah is my cousin. I enjoyed every moment with Owly, My Grandma Donna would say,”did Owly enjoy his place and home? (yes)  then he enjoyed you,(thats the good news!!!) mac.jpg    C.R.A.Z.Y.   C.A.T!!!    This is Mac looking at the chicks.   he is silly isn’t he.  I love him, so much!ac.jpg  This is my sister, Allison Ruth Casner (or Alli). She is outside and posing for this picture. Alli loves having a good time with me and Liz!jereluk.jpg LUKAS and JEREMIAH! This is Lukas ( or Luke) and Jeremiah, they are good friends and awsome  cousins. They love playing lego Star Wars (Wii). I love playing   it also. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trixy.jpg Trixy Standing!!!!!Heres another picture of Trixy th.jpgTrixy is my starchick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She does great tricks like this. I’m sure Lukas Seagreen can top that! But I’m proud of Trixy!!!!!!!!!!!!owly2.jpgAnother Owly!!!!!!!!This is Owly#2 , She is amazing , and very friendly. (She’s the chick that has stripes& spots on her face.She is one of the three replacements.   girls.jpg A Girl’s Day!!!!This is Elizabeth,Allison and me. We are having  a good time.We love playing together and just having fun!!!!!! It was awsome to  be outside! kchick.jpg Kirsten and the Yellow Chick!!!This is Kirsten,(a girl that loves to hug me.)  She is holding one of the yellow chicks. Sorry for the blurry photo.Kirsten is doing a great job with this chick!!!  pups.jpg  Flash Back!!!This is Maddie, Scruffie and Maginita. We helped them find homes. I wanted to keep them. But I am glad they found homes.  ha.jpgHannah and Owly and Alanna and Olivia!!!!!! This is Alanna a friend I’ve known sense Preschool Alanna is holding Olivia, And I’m holding Owly (#2).Alanna has a brother only a few months older than Luke, They are good friends also.  padawaan.jpgA Padawaan Braid!!!!!!I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything lately. This is me, I am wearing a padawaan braid. A padawaan braid is in Star Wars its  to show that you are a beginner Jedi. I did my hair myself. I like Jedi’s. lilac.jpgLilac Bush Bazar!!!!!!!!!!! These flowers are from our lilac bush( or tree). They are amazing, I think that this an amazing year we  had a frost last night and a am amazed its alive. I am very happy though!!!!!       thewaterhorsepic5.jpgTHE WATER HORSE A CUTIE!!!!!       This is a picture of  Crusoe the Water Horse.It is a great movie.If you like funny and cuteness you will love this movie. (Crusoe is named after the book Robison Crusoe.)This Movie has love ,friendship and adventure.  – Hannah Katlyn Casner!!!!!!! waterhorsepic6.jpg Crusoe again!!!!!    waterhorsepic8.jpg And now he is after the F.I.S.H.!!!    face.jpg   My Little Brother Lukas Steven CasnerThis is my 7 in a half year old, ( C.R.A.Z.Y., A.N.O.Y.I.N.G. ) little brother making a weird face at mom. Profile:Hobbie: Making people mad.( Also known as driving people insane( or nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)     Â