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One of my last projects in the garden was to harvest the remaining lavender-I was very late this year so I am thankful that the weather has been so warm . My plan is to make sachets-but that was my plan last year and it never happened. However, if you walk throughout our home right now, you can spot lavender drying in random spots. I know it is best to dry in a dark spot, but sometimes you just have to make choices that help a gal smile…


This was my first felting project. I have to say, I don’t know if felting is for me. I may be a bit too impatient for it. However the slippers are a super fast knit and the instructions were great. The pattern can be found at French Press Knits. She also sells them already made to fit. (If I could copy her banner-I would.)

One last thing. I spotted a really cute cupcake printable over here– for free. 🙂