Welcome to the Casner Family Blog

Last Thursday my Mom came down and picked up the kids, plus their cousin, Jeremiah, for a trip full of water park – I mean slide fun – at their place. They had a great time and Matheau and I even made it to the city and had dinner out a couple of times. Thanks Dad, Mom and Uncle Jeff. I had a list of to-do’s to try to accomplish, only a few are completed, but I did make some head way. This week school begins and so have been getting ready for school at home for Luke and Alli, and this year, Hannah is going to public school so I am preparing for that change as well.






 Also tomorrow is the beginning of a six week gluten/cow’s milk, corn and a few more foods free diet change for Luke. I think I am going to try to post our menu plans on Monday mornings as a bit of accountability to make sure the menu is written out and not just a rough sketch in my head. Besides Luke’s changes, Hannah will be taking lunches to school, so there is menu planning there as well… to help with the planning I have a few interlibrary loan requests that will hopefully arrive next week.  On to the sewing department. I have had this recipe holder in mind for, oh, maybe the last 7 months. Nothing like putting things off. Anyway the first one is completed. I still have some tweaking to do, but when I get it done, hopefully sooner then later, I will post the pattern.  It holds 4×6 recipe cards or anything else that size. It stays closed, but I think a button or a snap would be cute too.recipeholder_outside.jpg recipeholder_inside.jpg