Welcome to the Casner Family Blog

Alright, I have taken my time about starting this post. What I am thinking about tackling for the new year? What parts of my life do I want to live with more consistency and dedication? I honestly hate to commit.

I would rather just take photos of my pretty bowls…. and knitting projects that take me way too long to complete. {grin}…


This last year held a lot of transition for me. I went from working several hours a week outside of the home to more then doubling that, I’ve also taken on more responsibilities regarding the financial side of redlogic (responsibilities = time). Throw in adding a third child to our home school schedule and I have struggled. The thought of becoming any more consistent in anything really pushes me the other way. And then there is this place, the blog. As hard as I try to want to give it up, because, it does take time, I just haven’t been able to force it totally out of my routine. I still enjoy looking back and seeing that I really do accomplish a few things over time. And a real bonus, when a recipe is lost and I know it is here, the print button is just way too convenient.

So… some thoughts of resolutions…

*The wok. I purchased one with Christmas money. Last year I worked at improving my soup making skills, this year it is going to be the stir fry.

*Another year of “My Utmost for His Highest”. It makes me more humble and thankful for salvation through my Lord Jesus Christ each day. Also to get “Crazy Love” read. I’ve started, that is about it.

*school-staying on top of Hannah’s and adding Sonlight back in at home. This is huge for me. We are starting with language arts for Luke and soon to be Alli as well. If Luke is going to go to public school next year, I really want him to have this as part of his foundation. I used Sonlight when Hannah was younger. I loved it, but it is very time intensive. Since time is something I already run short of, this was a choice that was really about what will be best for Luke. With dyslexia, we have had lots of struggles and I feel like we are finally at a place where we can take this on and still love each other at the end of each school day.

*to keep up my newly and more functional book keeping system for personal, and all business related papers…and bill paying “stuff”. I now have clipboards above the computer table so that it is easy to grab the appropriate one needed. I’ll try to talk about that at a later date.

*cardio-I used to run with out fail. When I started teaching more I made plenty of excuses why I couldn’t fit cardio in anymore. Well, my body is paying for it. 20 minutes a day-that all I am going for.

* blogging – to post about some more specifics (this one is really a low on the list of priorities goal). I have ideas I started recording for craft/knitting projects that if I can carve out the time, I would love to share here. Along with just recording “what we have learned” kind of things. I am forgetting some of the kids younger struggles and how we dealt with them… I would like to journal some of them before my mind totally forgets..ย and of course photos, because that is why I still love blogs way more then facebook. It is so much about the photos.




*Family time – Matheau purchased Rock Band with some of his Christmas money. With this crazy cold weather we have been jammin’ in the basement. I would love to learn to play those drums… now I know the drums seem a bit self serving, but if you fail bad enough, then no one gets to finish the song. So it is all about the family band. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And that is all I’ve got. What are some of yours?