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So… it has taken several days for me to transition from most thoughts being with my brother-in-laws family to my own… Sending Hannah out the door with lunch money and the correct number of gifts was a good step. I had greater things in mind for her wonderful teacher (and other loved ones) but I have had to just let some of my expectations go. ┬áThe moment I would think about getting the fabric cut and sewn along with everything else… I would freeze. And now I just have a bunch of fabric spread out around my sewing machine.

One plan I had to let go was to give my kids classes treat bags with extra cookies. Well that did not happen, but I do have a printable I designed, so if you would like to use it, please do. They are four inches wide, and when folded in half, two inches tall. They fit the standard treat bags I had purchased at wal-mart or target. (I printed mine out with a sturdy card stock that will run through my printer, normal printer paper would work fine as well.)

Treat bag printables.
Christmas treat bag tags.

Also, I found some fun little projects at Felt and Thistle.

And something I really thought was cool at The Small Object.

And a couple of photos…



Whoopie pies were made a few weeks ago. Liz had a really good time helping me. Again, the recipe is from “Baked“.