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Last Monday I woke up thinking about class, two more weeks of school before  break, and baking with clementines – and making lots of cookies. And those thoughts continued to roll around in my my head throughout my Monday. Monday evening Hannah had her first band concert. We were getting ready to head to the concert when we got a call that my brother-in-law and boys were in an accident and to send Mat. That was it. Mat and my Mom-in-law  headed to check on them, I took the kids to the concert.

As soon as Hannah finished playing, I headed out to use a friend’s cell phone and call and check on them. I didn’t even get the call made before I learned it wasn’t just a “stuck in the ditch” type of accident. The other driver (had come across into their lane) and had not survived. Jason and one of the boys were still trapped in the vehicle. They had gotten the youngest one out and he was on his way to the hospital. When I arrived they were still getting Jason out. We followed to the hospital.

Today, the boys are coming home. Jeremiah with a wheel chair because his femur was broken, but his skull had been fractured and his brain and the membrane around it were not damaged in anyway.   Jason has one more surgery on Wednesday.

There has been miracle upon miracle and I am going to try to write them down over the next week. God was not only watching over them that night, but he shielded their bodies and minds from injuries that could have taken their lives.

Please keep them and my sister-in-law, Rochelle in your prayers over the coming weeks.