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Another one from “Baked”. My Dad-In-Law turned 60 last week. We surprised him with a party. I didn’t feel well that day, but I lasted long enough to bake the Milk Chocolate Malt Ball Cake. I tried it the next day and as far as cakes go, very pleased with the taste and the texture, especially the frosting.

Right now my list of to-do’s is way longer then the hours available so here are a few of the things I hope to fit in or find really cool right now…

Canaan’s marshmallows

-The wallet patterns from “sew i do”. Also lovin’ these wallets.

-jewelry from Sulu and Sweet Thunder – basically all the earrings I wear are from one of these two. A couple of years ago I signed up for the earrings of the month club. It was very worth the money.

-knitting up some more  Toasty handwarmers in smaller sizes.

-the kids favorite Christmas album this year is by sixpence none the richer.