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-the last from our garden

-Sweet Rose Farm’s booth at the Fort Scott Farmer’s Market.

-Luke, Alli and Lizzie’s work

Another round of five senses friday (hosted by Abby)

taste: coffee with cream and raw sugar

smell: coffee, chocolate and peanut butter (I’m thinking too much coffee.)

sight: legos, laundry, new bowls, the same quilt blocks waiting to be sewn together, new library books, another loose tooth

hear: lots of memory cards being turned over and “it’s not fair”, “my G5 is going to the Genius Dr. today-for free!” (very good thing), counting by 7’s and 8’s…., “do you want to see my play?”

feel: yarn picked up and put down again, sweet potatoes (from our garden) and artichokes (from Sweet Rose Farm), school books