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Whenever I sat down to type, all thoughts of what was on my mind vanished due to the amount of things that needed to be done around me. So beware, this post is going to be a bit of knitting overload. 🙂 Last week, my knitting projects included 3 hats, 1 pair of  Toasty’s (hand warmers from Leslie), and finally a completed Lady February Sweater.


A hat for Luke to match the one I made for Matheau’s birthday. The self striping yarn is Run Forest Run from  Jenny over at Etsy. The camel color is from  Knit Picks.


A hat for a friend. The Pattern is the same one I use for Matheau’s hats.


Another children’s hat for a sweet little guy. The yarn is some great wool I had been saving and some Mission Falls wool. The pattern is one I came up with. I will try to post it in the next week…


After two months of on and off working on this, Lady February is finished! The yarn is from also KnitPicks, the color is thyme.


Besides for knitting, there was a birthday party for Hannah, a costume made for Jedi Hannah, new recipes (like pumpkin swirl brownies) tried in the kitchen, bulbs planted for next Spring, more roses starting to bloom, more winterizing outside. Luke is beginning to read like crazy! Our first Thanksgiving with family, a Fall Festival, a bit of sickness and pink eye along with everything else… One more thing, a couple of weeks ago I received an email from a new friend with a photo of a hat I had knitted for her daughter, Veronica (our friend, Azucena’s niece) in Spain. Since I don’t get mail from Spain everyday, nor photos of little darlings wearing knitted hats, I asked to include a photo of her with her Dad.



Thanks for letting me post these Belen! Hello Azucena. 🙂