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the beginning of the week.


making plans for the week. school starting back up, a visit to the library and the grocery store. searching for our “groove.”

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In the kitchen…

the roses are still in bloom.



some photos…





five senses friday

-the last from our garden

-Sweet Rose Farm’s booth at the Fort Scott Farmer’s Market.

-Luke, Alli and Lizzie’s work

Another round of five senses friday (hosted by Abby)

taste: coffee with cream and raw sugar

smell: coffee, chocolate and peanut butter (I’m thinking too much coffee.)

sight: legos, laundry, new bowls, the same quilt blocks waiting to be sewn together, new library books, another loose tooth

hear: lots of memory cards being turned over and “it’s not fair”, “my G5 is going to the Genius Dr. today-for free!” (very good thing), counting by 7’s and 8’s…., “do you want to see my play?”

feel: yarn picked up and put down again, sweet potatoes (from our garden) and artichokes (from Sweet Rose Farm), school books


Thanksgiving, a beautiful wedding…

and  pneumonia. Let’s say this last week has been very busy.


(photo courtesy of Matheau. :))



 Last week we had Thanksgiving and celebrated Christmas with my family, then headed home to get ready for Michael and Amanda’s wedding. And late last night, Luke was diagnosed with pneumonia. I think today will be a Magic School Bus marathon and some cooking/baking for me.  Oh, we also had our first snow.


More photos on Facebook here and here.


Still working on Christmas gifts and enjoying the weather.


A stocking for a small dollhouse or a Christmas ornament for a tree?? We will soon see.


I love it that Alli loves handmade scarves and hats. 




A bit of warmer weather on Monday. 🙂

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This is one of the many sunsets I have seen while walking back from putting the hens and Cooper up for the evening. This Autumn I have worked really hard to become a coffee drinker so I can last a little longer outdoors when the air is cold… just to enjoy scenes like this. Nothing I can make can compare to what God can create.


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A glimpse of Tuesday.




Lizzie’s first day of preschool.  



One of Allison’s amazing chalk drawings! 




Some fabric for one of the birthday girls arrived in the mail. 


The day started with typical Tuesday happenings. A few books being read about some of our favorite bears and turtles. Lizzie and I made sugar cookies, we started some school work, lots of stories and ideas dreamed up, and then after lunch, to change things up a bit, we walked Lizzie to preschool for the first time. It was her first day and she loved it.  She shared her cookies, learned, played and then came home for more typical Tuesday happenings. The only thing she missed out on at home? Well, the same old school for the older kids and nap for her. I think she really liked the change.     



A picnic = happier Momma.

The morning didn’t get off to the greatest start, Luke tried his new gluten-free cereal and didn’t like it. So for another morning, I make far more breakfasts then I care too. I still had dishes from the evening before and more dishes is something I never enjoy.  So after they were all done, and after everyones stomachs were full from breakfast, I made macaroons.  So before school, we went out for a picnic in the shade to test the macaroons. A wonderful new start to our day.


The macaroons recipe is from “The Splendid Table’s How to Eat Supper”  


I wasn’t the only one with a camera, when Allison and Lizzie joined us out side, they had both made their own out of blocks and would take turns taking photos.  


We only have a few sunflowers. I had forgotten we did an experiment with seeds early this spring, we never watered them once the seeds were outside. I think next year I need to make sure we tend them a bit better, they are stunning to look at.

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A trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s.

Last Thursday my Mom came down and picked up the kids, plus their cousin, Jeremiah, for a trip full of water park – I mean slide fun – at their place. They had a great time and Matheau and I even made it to the city and had dinner out a couple of times. Thanks Dad, Mom and Uncle Jeff. I had a list of to-do’s to try to accomplish, only a few are completed, but I did make some head way. This week school begins and so have been getting ready for school at home for Luke and Alli, and this year, Hannah is going to public school so I am preparing for that change as well.






 Also tomorrow is the beginning of a six week gluten/cow’s milk, corn and a few more foods free diet change for Luke. I think I am going to try to post our menu plans on Monday mornings as a bit of accountability to make sure the menu is written out and not just a rough sketch in my head. Besides Luke’s changes, Hannah will be taking lunches to school, so there is menu planning there as well… to help with the planning I have a few interlibrary loan requests that will hopefully arrive next week.  On to the sewing department. I have had this recipe holder in mind for, oh, maybe the last 7 months. Nothing like putting things off. Anyway the first one is completed. I still have some tweaking to do, but when I get it done, hopefully sooner then later, I will post the pattern.  It holds 4×6 recipe cards or anything else that size. It stays closed, but I think a button or a snap would be cute too.recipeholder_outside.jpg recipeholder_inside.jpg  

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